With WaterCourse Tile Design™, you can experiment with optimal tile systems without moving a foot of dirt. A digital elevation model is created based on GPS sampling of a field. A contour map is automatically created, based on the digital elevation model. The user can specify the desired difference in elevation between contour lines; the intervals between contour lines can be adjusted to be appropriate to the irregularity of the terrain. The contour map, with color-coded elevations, provides a clear visual guide to the natural movement of water and the best placement of tiles.

 Watersheds are calculated based on the digital elevation model created with GPS sampling of field elevations. The user can set an accumulation threshold; this threshold is the amount of water needed to define a watershed. Adjusting this setting will delineate finer or more coarse watersheds. The visual representation of watersheds informs the user as to the best places to lay tile.

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