About BlackBox Machine Control

BlackBox Machine Control Pty Ltd is a Perth, WA based Australian corporation providing machine control solutions for civil-, construction- and agriculture markets.

Our purpose is to provide more cost-effective, efficient and accurate machine control solutions to our customers through innovation, partnership and advanced technology. We make it easier for you to move mountains.




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AMW Machine Control is the pioneer on GPS machine control, since 1989. AMW solutions provide unparalleled accuracy and repeatability on GNSS based survey and machine control applications. 

BlackBox Machine Control is distributor for AMW Machine Control products in following territories:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Indonesia
  • People's Republic of China
  • Taiwan
CHC manufactures competitive, affordable and reliable GPS and GNSS receivers and provides complete positioning solutions for surveying, construction, GIS and marine applications.

BlackBox Machine Control is distributor for CHC in Australia.





DataGrid develops GNSS technology for all precision markets including Defense, Space & Aerospace, Land Surveying and Land Management, Machine Control, Marine Ship Monitoring and Control, Structural Integrity Monitoring (bridges, dams, nuclear waste management sites, etc), Geodetic Research, and Precision GIS.

BlackBox Machine Control is distributor for DataGrid in Australia.